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Concerns Universe Foundation - Charity for women

Concerns Universe Foundation (CUF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Bengaluru, India working for welfare of women and children.

Bengaluru is a metropolitan with a population of 10 million. A large number of people depend on unstable and low-wage occupations to survive. Since its foundation in 2001, CUF has been committed to achieving sustainable community development in the slums through education and healthcare. Concerns applies a needs-based approach to deliver programs and use the community members themselves as agents of change. Over time, CUF has developed a strong rapport with the communities that they have been with.

This provides CUF with a direct approach to help children, families and young women and make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Local women are trained as preschool teachers, health workers, and office assistants. Currently, forty women are being trained by CUF.

CUF at work

At CUF, each new initiative is a response to local needs.

Childcare Centers

CUF runs 5 childcare centers around east Bangalore. Around 200 children, in 2-5 Age group, attend the centers, most coming from troubled or underprivileged backgrounds. During these crucial formative years, CUF provides the children with experiences and opportunities to develop. The centers prepare the children for formal education and support working mothers, by providing a safe and supportive place for them to leave their children during the day. At CUF, a partnership with the community is considered essential for the child’s development. Parents send one cooked meal with their child each day. This allows CUF to monitor their involvement in the child’s nutrition. The centers also provide one wholesome meal each day. In addition, all the children undergo medical assessments, including height and weight checks, administered Vitamin A and polio immunization drops, and de-wormed annually.

• CUF runs 5 childcare centers in East Bangalore with around 200 children in 2-5 Age group.
• Centers provide formal education and support to working mothers
• School children are served nutritious meals at the centres
• CUF monitors child growth & development by medical assessments of height & weight regularly
• Vitamin A, Polio and other vaccinations administered, Children are de-wormed annually.

Tuition Centres

At present CUF operates 3 tuition centers. The children that attend the centers face challenges associated with poverty and many come from illiterate households. Therefore, their family is unable to support them in their academic work.

CUF also works with children who have dropped out of school. Dropouts are identified during community visits by CUF workers. CUF motivates them to continue their studies and regularly follows up to monitor their progress.

Concerns Community College

The Community College started in a small way in 2005. Nine young women attended that first year and after graduation, they all got jobs and were able to support themselves and their families.The number of students has increased in subsequent years.

The Community College provides education to underprivileged women from the local communities. Many of the women who would otherwise miss out on further education are given a second chance to study and obtain accredited skills. The Community College offers courses in Early Childcare Education and Office Management. CUF also delivers daily English lessons, teaches life coping skills and health education, and gives basic computer training to the Community College students.

Community Health & Development

The CUF team make regular visits to develop a rapport with members of the community. They deliver health programs and raise awareness about existing government facilities and services available for the disadvantaged, such as DOTS, a medical unit caring for TB patients and antenatal and postnatal care facilities.

Home visits are made to patients suffering from tuberculosis, and individual cases are monitored to ensure that treatment is provided and the patients are maintaining a nutritious diet. Vitamin A supplements and polio drops are distributed, and parents are encouraged to immunize the children.

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