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Manasa Jyothi Koni - Charity for special Children

Manasa Jyothi (MJ) is a residential school for children who are mentally and/or physically challenged. MJ Trust opened a new school at Koni, Kundapur. Manasa Jyothi is a school that has grown over the last decade. The school provides a nurturing environment with a range of trained staff

The school is not funded by the government. The trust does not charge any fee.

Manasa Jyothi cares for disabled children who are either orphaned or do have parents. In most instances, either the parents do not want to care for them or they do not have the means to take care. For some children, this school is their only chance in society.

Manasa Jyothi is a charity for special children, was started in 2000. The Trust continues to be active and needs a lot of support. The school is actively managed by Shobha Madhyastha and Maartje van den Brand, a Physiotherapist, from The Netherlands.

Manasa Jyothi aims to build each child's self-esteem. If children value themselves they can readily develop positive qualities, such as independence, honesty, integrity and real respect for others. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. Many children who are disabled in India end up on the streets and have to beg to survive. Few of them are fortunate and grow in homes like Manasa Jyothi where they get a chance.

At Manasa Jyothi, the children are challenged every day to become self-reliant in the best way they can. Their approach focuses on verbal and visual (sign language) communication.

They have spent most of the donations on the development of a new building in Koni. Manasa Jyothi is truly a paradise for these children. There are separate areas for playing, teaching, eating and sleeping. Each child gets special training throughout the day. Manasa Jyothi is trying to develop each child's full potential based on the boundaries set by their disability.

Future Plan Of Manasa Jyothi

Manasa Jyothi aspires to :

  • Provide care and shelter to 30 more children.
  • Start a day care for additional children.
  • Enroll special teachers to keep up the high quality of teaching.
  • Appoint another physiotherapist and an occupational therapist for medical care and special training.
  • Purchase a transport Vehicle.
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